About Me

I've been an art devotee as long as I can remember. My creative current has been a constant in my life of interlocking pursuits and interests. In this season, I am a mothering artist creating vibrant stories with layered narratives. Primary mediums include acrylic and oil painting, mixed-media, collage, and recently spray paint. Self-taught and eclectic my stylization originates from an instinctual adaptation and appreciation of expressionism, abstract realism, and urban contemporary street art. My practice keeps the flow between my emotional and spiritual dimensions fluid and attuned. This objective of consonance exists repeatedly in my artwork.

I regard my art making as a form of healing, and approach my creative process with wild wonder, inviting both provocation and introspection.  While working each project I explore the tension, and provide space for the shadows before introducing hope, resilience, and comprehension.

As I integrate inspiration, new technique, skills, and mediums into my practice I prioritize this soul-work, particularly when the process implicates challenges. I often include themes of family, faith, community, addiction recovery, feminism, societal issues and social injustices in my work. Art making is my conduit connection to community. I warmly embrace opportunities to encourage others to use their creative voices.